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Drama Calmer

Why is it called Drama Calmer? These classes kick off with a drama game to help us shake off the serious stuff, then we explore our feelings by moving our bodies with easy to follow, intelligently sequenced yoga poses, guided breathing and finishing with a relaxing meditation (you can sneak in a snooze here!). Upstage Youth Theatre has always celebrated the importance of young people having a safe space to be creative and to be themselves, adding yoga to the mix seemed like the right fit! Classes open from 10 years and up.

drama calmer
high school

If you teach, parent or care for students in High School or undertaking the Higher School Certificate, you know it can be an extremely stressful time.
After engaging in some drama games (improv or other favourites) we explore simple practices of pranayam (breathing techniques), focused asana and meditation. Through these practices, the students find their own way to create calm and focus in their busy minds.
Being able to self regulate emotions is a valuable tool for young adults and extremely empowering. 
We can conduct these sessions at the school for the students' convenience.
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