Fyona Coulton

My Dharma is to share Yoga. To teach you to breathe again, to feel safe in your body, calm in your mind and inspired in your spirit.
We all crave connection, Yoga connects us back to our true selves, allows us to love, forgive and serve....to be whole, as we began.
Join me on this journey of love and light. Be brave.


Fyona creates a safe, encouraging and joyful environment where students of all ages are made to feel welcome. My daughter has loved her first experience of yoga under Fyona's guidance and cannot wait to start again in the new year.

Jane M

We love having Fyona from Yoga Brave teach our restorative yoga classes. Two hours of divine, slow, nurturing yoga that puts us Mummas in a state of bliss! She is mindful of ability, pregnancy and emotions as she guides us through the session and we know that we are well guided during those two hours. Thank you so much Fyona

Anastasia Dunstan
More than a Mumma, Newcastle

Fyona provided a wholistic space that enabled me to check in with myself and respond to arising feelings. The weekly ritual of Yoga with Fy provided fun, exercise and centring that was essential to a balanced and healthy HSC year.

Sophia Derkenne
Student, Maitland

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