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Flow Child Yoga

Flow Child Yoga was created by Child Psychologist Dr Maxine Therese and Yoga Teacher Di Meade. The Flow Child model allows children and teens to explore their feelings by moving their bodies with easy to follow yoga sequences, calming breathing techniques and relaxing meditation.

We work within the realm of one of the body's most important energy systems, the Chakras. Each Chakra allows the child the feel their emotions, recognise unmet needs and learns how to regulate those emotions.

Fyona Coulton trained with Dr Maxine Therese and Di Meade in 2017 and has been sharing this method in private lessons and in group sessions with great success.

Yoga Brave is an accredited Active Kids Provider!

School Yoga Programs

School Yoga Programs run over 8 weeks for High School age students. Our programs teaches students how to regulate their emotions through traditional Yogic practises such as Pranayam (breath), Asana (poses) and Meditation.

Creating a toolbox to meet their mental health needs is valuable  for young adults and extremely empowering. We run these sessions at your school for the students' convenience.

Fyona Coulton is a certified Children's Yoga Teacher.
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