Our Intention

Experience Sisu through this day retreat, honouring the Winter Solstice.

Experience 'Sisu' this Winter Solstice. Don't hide inside, celebrate all kinds of weather the way the Finnish people do!

An outdoor deck with a magnificent oak tree as your roof. Dressed warmly, you enjoy the heating practice of vinyasa, you strip away layers and feel yourself adjust to the environment. A well-deserved Yin sessionto complement the movement, wrapped up warmly (hygge).

A traditional barrel sauna with hot stones and healing steam awaits you, just a couple of minutes in the cold plunge excites your cells into deep healing, grab your towel and enter the toasty sauna, stay here to warm though – perhaps you repeat…it’s up to you. Complete the experience with a semi outdoor shower, complete with botanical products to scrub, invigorate and polish your skin.

Enjoy a generous lunch inside or outside – both options will be fireside.

Once our lunch is complete, learn a new, sweet recipe and enjoy the spoils with a warm drink and great company.

We will complete the day with a Meditation practice to integrate your day.

The Details:

Jun 23, 2024
Jun 23, 2024
The Treehouse - location will be provided upon booking

Please check with your health professional if the activities are suitable for you at this time. You will be asked to sign a health waiver confirming you are able to withstand the stress of a sauna and cold plunge.

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Our Location:

A private residence set on acres of farmland yet 5 minutes from central Maitland.

Our Inclusions:

morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
a barrel sauna session
cold plunge session
90 min Yoga session
Fireside meditation
Private shower with botanical products

Our Exclusions:

travel expenses
Additional treatments

If you have some questions or concerns about the about the retreat, here are some FAQs that might help.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your own towels - 3 Swimmers Layers - yoga gear, warm pants (trackie dacks), warm jacket, socks (or slippers) Notepad and pen

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